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Blocked at the Login Screen

It’s really frustrating trying to set up an account. Yes, I was blocked at the login screen! God dammit! I was trying to connect my Steam account but then it kept redirecting me to the same flipping page!!! The same goes for setting up an account with Ankama. It’s basically ridiculous, I have already put in my information but I’ve been going around in cuticles the past hour trying to connect.

A bit slow to progress


“Bugs fixed” is it really...

Hey not too long ago i was spinning the wheel, won some medical stuff for my pet tofu, played a video to get another spin, and the next thing i know my iPad freezes and crashed on me! I lost both my token and my previous prize before the second spin, in the process. Please fix the problem now before it gets any worse than that!? Thank you. Ps. I’m enjoying this app, and I Really don’t want it to be a problem. I’ll give it a four stars until the problems are fixed.

I put the correct acount but it does not work

I put my correct acount but it does not work I'm a guest now ;-;


This game is one of the best games that I have played in my life. My friends love it and I love it. Me and my friends love he series and the games. It is just really good game in general.

Having fun so far

Enjoying the mini games so far


I didn’t open the app for 24 hours and my pet gets deleted because apparently I didn’t give it enough attention?? I’d been taking care of it for ages and was almost at the final evolution but 24 hours is just too much I guess

The game

This reminds me of that tamagotchi thing

I love it

But They should fix it for iPhone X

The game

I exited the game then when I came back on I was a whole different game

The game

Hard work but its fun!!

Oui !

C’est un jeu qui a du potentiel, dans le sens où on ne recommence pas vraiment l’aventure a chaque pets, le fait que votre compagnon peut changer de forme plus d’une fois rend le jeu plus complexe qu’il en a l’air, vos choix et méthodes sont prises en compte ce qui incite le joueur à devoir aller à l’encontre de sa volonté selon le compagnon qu’il veut acquérir. En conclusion, jeu sympathique qui va vous demander de gérer vos heures de jeux et vos choix a l’inverse d’un jeu Ketchapp où on ne joue qu’a notre heure perdue.

I’m a bad parent

This app has taught me that I raise bad eggs. Always good to know. Best pet raising app I’ve seen yet and is a lot of fun.



Can't connect to server

I'm using an iPhone 6 the game seems fun but it can't connect to the server when I try to log in with my akanam account.

Rename please

It would be nicer if we can rename our pets.

Fun and cute

Having fun with it so far very surprised by it

Force closed on pet mission reward

My pet mission rewards forced close just as I was about to receive it. I know I didn't receive it because this particular reward had a mushroom in it.

Buen App

Es un juego bastante entretenido el detalle son los precios dentro del juego, son muy caros


All my pets die hahaha xD


Won’t even let me create an account to play the game.

Well shucks

I really want to play but it crashes every time without fail the farthest I've gotten is the guy telling me to choose an egg but then it crashed plz fix this and thank you

Bugs getting better.

A bit of bugs but you can tell they're being ironed out.

Are u seriously kidding me

My pet bow meow is alway hungry so I feed it then it’s 50 barkmin and barimea50 but now 100% fat guy like come on 2 prices of food


Very fun! It's a good way to raise a child without having to actually have the responsibilities of a human kid. Being a teen, it's perfect.

Le jeu est cool, le système ne l'est pas.

Comme toutes les applis freemium de ces dernieres annees, les micropaiements occupent une trop grande place dans le jeu. Je comprend qu il faut etre rentable, mais je prefere 1000 fois acheter une appli a 0.99€ et pouvoir jouer non stop, plutot que de devoir attendre 2/3h pour avoir LA PERMISSION de m amuser a nouveau. Bref, c est sympa, mais pas fantastique. Aussi, le nombre de creatures disponibles est BEAUCOUP plus restreint que je ne le pensais.

No... just no.

If I can give no star I would. Downloaded the game, forced to create an acct... after creating it I can't even log in!! Farther more it asked for private into such as date of birth, phone number.. etc..

I think the issue is fixed now

Never it saves my progress now so I don't have to start over even time. ☺️

Pésima app

Cuando tratas de hacer la última evolución hay 50% de probabilidades que muera la mascota, perdida de tiempo, no recomendable.

Very cute and very fun!

there are some small bugs, but they dont affect gameplay, i love playing with my cute bow meow!


I can't get past the title screen. I tried to make an account to log in, but it said error. I also tried guest, but it gets stuck on the loading screen.

Fun game

It's like the old tamagotchi we used to have, perfect game.

Some bugs

The game itself is great, but a few of the in game achievements seem to be glitched. There are two achievements for complete level 5 and level 10 of 5 different mini games. There are only five different mini games, so it seems pretty straight forward. However, I've completed each one multiple times but have only gotten credit for 1 or 2. In fact, I am currently in level 6 in each mini game and it shows I have only completed 1 out of 5 required. Also, the final two levels of the cannon mini game seems to be unnecessarily harder than all the others. There are a few other features that are still locked, and it takes too long to raise an animal. If you were allowed to raise more than one at a time, maybe one of each pet, it wouldn't make the grind seem as bad.

A pretty fun "tamagotchi" game

Who here didn't have a tamagotchi when they were a kid? What, you didn't?! You poor soul. It's fun! Feeding, playing, cleaning up poop, and watching your pet grow. Fans of the Krosmoz will enjoy raising Krosmoz pets to adulthood, and adorning their pet with items from the Dofus universe. The mini games are pretty fun--you earn in game currency by playing mini games and getting through levels. Early on even feeding your pet will feel like it drains your wallet, but earning tokens for a roulette gives the chance to get free food, medicine, and premium currency. Like in tamagotchi proper, you can evolve your pet into different forms, though it can be quite...mysterious what counts as "good" or "bad" parenting. Helpfully, the game always displays what evolution you're leaning towards and how an action you just performed affected the current most likely evolution. I'd say if you've got the itch for this type of pet sim, even if you don't play Dofus, this is a nice little mobile game. Enjoy!

Fun game

Cheated a little and got the starter pack and master pack but I see I didn't really need them. Just have to master one of the mini games and figure out the best way to raise your pet of choice. Almost done with my first Tofu!




I was really excited when I saw this game. I love Dofus and Wakfu. Tofus are super cute. Really wanted to play, but it won't load! Keeps circling a glowing dofus and won't go any further. Please fix this and I'll change my rating! So I finally got the game to load. It seemed really cute and like it would be fun. But everything you need for your pet costs a buttload of money and you only get so much money playing the mini games. In the meantime, your pet "suffers". So unfortunately I had to delete this money-grabber game.

Good game

Enjoy it very much

Solid tamagotchi

Do you like tamagotchis? Do you play Dofus and want these pets? THEN GET PLAYING

Fun game, but a bit confusing

The descriptions on getting certain forms is unclear, and some actions cause different results each time.

They always die!

This is not a very fair game. No matter what you do, there is no way to keep your pet alive without having to purchase some diamonds. When you fail to give them the items they want, their happiness and health level lower. Most items they ask for are items you specify cannot afford or don't own. You can only earn the diamonds by the daily log in on the third day, and I have yet to have a pet last that long! Not to mention the only way to earn coins is to play games which drastically lowers their energy!

Slow and buggy, but understandable

Don't get me wrong, I love this game, and I understand that it's new. That said, I would like to point out a few things that bugged me, although no doubt Ankama already knows and is working on it as I type. First off, although what translations there are are smooth and with correct spelling, grammar, etc., there are a few phrases, including some important dialogue, still in French. It's still understandable, And I'm not upset. Second, I would suggest less...drastic changes to your pet's temperament. This may also be a glitch, as my pet went from balanced to 99% Brakmarian without me doing anything. For players aiming for a specific design, this is very frustrating. I apologize for the long-winded rant, but I hope that you will take these suggestions into consideration. Thank you!

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